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Freedom of Expression on the Internet from Human Rights Watch
Some excerpts:

"Censorship, restrictions on access, and high prices are stunting Internet growth in the Middle East and North Africa.."

" clampdown on the Internet in Serbia, part of a concerted effort by President Slobodan Milosevic to stifle free expression and academic freedom..."

"..cryptographic products are critical to the ability of human rights defenders around the world to transmit sensitive information without detection by repressive governments.."

Another article from Human Rights Watch. Excerpts:

"Despite growing acknowledgment during 1998 among governments around the world that the Internet promotes participation in civil and political life within countries and beyond, legislative proposals continued to threaten free speech on the Internet. While dissidents in authoritarian countries continued to take risks using the Internet to seek help and information, regulators in these parts of the world were quick to refine screening and other controlling technologies. As a result, in a half-dozen countries, Internet access providers (including public libraries) were implementing filtering technologies and other voluntary measures to make prior censorship of on-line communications a reality."

Be sure to visit the Digital Freedom Network. There is constant news here about what is going on around the world.

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