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Found as a stray, August, 1998; Died of cancer Jan.25, 2013

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Amy showed up at our college one day as a stray. Over a period of a week it became obvious that she was starving. I picked her up but didn't have the heart to take her to the shelter, so I took her to the vet. to be cleaned up and checked out. She had heartworms, but fortunately came through the treatment.

Amy medical sheet...

Prednisone tabs and shots cause excessively frequent urination

10-30-03 Dr. Mixon visit

  • Chewing feet is possible food allergy
  • Advantage is safer and more effective than Bio-Spot
  • Bood test for allergies is $214, followed by allergy shots, $125 every three months
  • Avoid soap in shampoo (itching)
  • Right tear duct is blocked.
  • Add Asthma to med. sheet
  • Lepto is really bad in SA; often kills dogs
  • Cats should have at least rabies vaccine

Colby Glass, MLIS