Behavior Problems

Bed Guarding

" sounds like Gator might be starting to think it's his bed and not yours. Interrupt this pattern right now, before he can practice that unpleasant behavior any more. From now on, don't allow Gator on the bed until you are ready to turn in for the night. Keep Gator out of your bedroom -- shut the door or baby-gate the doorway -- until you're ready to go to bed, then invite him to join you. This way you'll be the "good guy" who allows him onto to the bed... you'll regain ownership of your bed" (September Morn. "Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed." Dog Fancy, Oct. 2004: 18).

Stop Chasing

"...We sat on lawn chairs some distance from a lightly-traveled road... far enough that he would not be too aroused...

When "a car appeared. The instant Dart went on alert -- but before he was worked up into his frenzied state -- I started feeding him tiny tidbits of [canned] chicken, generously, non-stop... The instant the car disappeared from view, the chicken stopped...

"By the fourth repetition, the car's arrival triggered a new response from Dart: He swiveled his head toward me with a happy "Where's my chicken?" expression on his face.

"..gradually reduce the rate of reinforcement -- the frequency and amount of chicken..."

Also, put up a fence as a visual barrier (Miller, Pat. "I Want That Car!" Dog Fancy, Mar. 2004: 18-19).

Colby Glass, MLIS