"Bulldogs have a low exercise requirement. No trimming or clipping required with this short-haired breed. The Bulldog has a peaceful demeanor and does not bark, but still makes an excellent watchdog. Bulldogs are good with other pets, but sometimes aggressive with strange dogs. Sensitive and responds to obedience training that does not include hitting or jerking. High memory capacity. They are good with children and a good choice for the novice owner.

"Overheating is a serious health problem with Bulldogs. Go for slow walks in cool weather to exercise your Bulldog. Keep this breed inside on very hot days, preferably with an air conditioner" (http://www.petcare.umn.edu/Dogs/breedinfo.cfm?BreedID=144).

Facial wrinkles require daily cleaning.

"This fun-loving breed originated in the British Isles and is a descendant of the Mastiff family. The Bulldog is a very intelligent, sturdy, kind-hearted breed. This small- to medium-sized dog very easily adapts to any surroundings and possesses a very likeable personality. Besides an occasional drool, the dog requires minimum grooming and exercise" (http://www.abcpets.com/dogsnew.html#A).


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Colby Glass, MLIS