Clicker Training

"I just got back from attending the ClickerExpo in Berkeley put on by Karen Pryor.

"What an amazing three days! Not only did they give the background (psychology of why it works) but they had lots of examples of applications OTHER than dogs - a seeing-eye guide (miniature) horse (yes, it IS house-trained - using a clicker), a diabetic baboon who presents his arm for blood sugar tests and insulin injections! It was absolutely incredible.

"There were also a couple of other workshops - one on kindness (they are now having at-risk children clicker-train shelter dogs) - what a win-win that is. And one on Life Impacts of clicker training - one woman shared how she used the reward-for-desired-behavior on her 15 year old, drug-abusing, sexually-promiscuous, foul-mouthed stepdaughter with wonderful results. (Not perfect yet, but significant improvement.)

"There's actually a Yahoo Group for clicker training Tollers (which I just joined) so if you haven't looked into it before try checking out"

(email on Toller-L, 1-30-04).

Colby Glass, MLIS