English Setter

(Sporting Group)

"Temperament: Gentle, affectionate, friendly..." (AKC Standard).

"..an intensely friendly and good-natured dog... a pleasure to live with and a pleasure to take anywhere...

""Books have called English Setters 'the gentlemen of the dog world'... sweet and lovable by nature"... mellow temperament...

"..tranquility is the very essence of the English Setter... easygoing, loving attitude.. mild-mannered, easy-going, and gentle..." (McCullough, Susan. "A Toast to the English Setter." AKC Gazette, June 2003, 26-31).


English Setter Association of America.
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English Setter Rescue, national

"It's unfortunate that the breed is not better known as it works so well in a family environment... I don't think he has an aggressive bone in his body" ("Letters." Dog Fancy, July 2004: 6).

Another Chance for English Setters (ACES) rescue group

Colby Glass, MLIS