Field Spaniel

(Sporting Group)

"..a proud but docile attitude... Temperament: Unusually docile, sensitive, funloving, independent, and intelligent, with a great affinity for human companionship" (AKC Standard).

"Field Spaniels are great to play with, especially since they like to carry stuff around in the their mouths. They also have a broad vocal range. They are a great dog for frequent walks and runs.

"Field Spaniels are loving and active dogs who are eager to please. They are great to have around children and other animals.

"They are great for people who want a good looking mid-sized dog that does not need a lot of grooming. They are also good for less experienced dog owners.

"This breed will not make a good guard dog. Some behavior problems have included: excessive barking at noises, stealing food, and roaming. This breed is also known to snore. If not trained this bright and active dog may get bored and get into some mischief as a result.

"The breed's drinking habits will often result in water spilled around their bowl. This and other traits may mean this is not the best choice for people who pride themselves on perfect houses" (

"Activity level: very high.

"Potential problems: food stealing, roaming, excessive barking, snoring, possessive of foof and toys; ear and eye infections" (Digital Dog).

"This breed resembles a stockier English Cocker. It was bred to have stronger working traits than other spaniels. This dog measures 18 inches in height at its shoulder and weighs an average of 40 to 45 pounds. Its coat is medium in length and comes in colors of black, liver, mahogany, red and other shades. The Field Spaniel makes a great family pet for rural or city living" (


Field Spaniel Society of America.
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Colby Glass, MLIS