My favorite brands of kibble are:

Drs. Foster & Smith
Eagle Pack Holistic
Solid Gold
Breeder's Choice
Royal Canin
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
Newman's Own

"Regarding lamb and rice diets: I have learned that many of the commercial brands are not "pure," in the sense that there can still be other meat products either added to the food or substituted for a proportion of the lamb. Nutro is supposed to be one of the pure varieties but I'm sure there are others." (From Toller Rescue list, 10-8-03).

"I use NUTRO because my dog has seizures and I find NUTRO Naturally Preserved, is the only food that helped in his not having them as often or at all.

Everytime I change, he has a seizure within a week. (from RPOArescue list, 10-2-03).

"BRAVO for using Nutro. This is one of the best dog/cat foods around. Just read the ingredient lable. No colors, fillers, preservatives We use Nutro Lamb & Rice for all our rescues and have seen INCREDIBLE recoveries" (from ROPArescue list, 10-2-03).

"I'm a Nutro user too. I like that it doesn't have chicken byproducts and that all formulas have skin and coat supplements.

My standard is NutroMax Natural, which has chicken and lamb proteins. Two of my chubbies are getting NutroMax Lite - and it is working!! My seniors get Natural Choice Senior. The lite and senior formulas have glucosamine/chondroitin for joint health. All my dogs have beautiful coats and glowing eyes." (from RPOArescue list, 10-2-03).

"I've also used Solid Gold - had to stop because my Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) boy started getting bladder crystals. I've switched to Felidae - made with humane grade meats, no artificial additives, no artificals preservatives - and he hasn't had any problems since! They also make a dog food - Canidae, which I've heard great things about. My Irritable Bowel Disease babies do wonderfully on the Felidae, too!" (from RPOA list, 10-3-03).

"I buy mine from Exclusive Framing, a gift shop here in San Antonio - 11822 Wurzbach, (210)492-9137. The lady who owns the shop breeds and rescues Weinerminers (yeah, I know I spelled that wrong - I can never SAY it right either!!) - she also a member of the RPOA - she sells Canidae there also. If you are not in San Antonio, go to the website - go to store locator, punch in your area code and it comes up with stores that sell it. All of my cats (except those that will only eat canned!! spoiled, spoiled children!) love it - my FLUTD boy is EXTREMELY picky and he took to it right away!"

The great thing about Exclusive Framing is that she will order what you need and hold it for you! (from RPOArescue list, 10-3-03).

Iams (Eukanuba) has always been on our "no buy" list for lots of reasons. Dog food companies that advertise on TV save those millions of dollars in advertising by using the cheapest possible ingredients (corn and chicken guts).

We use Nutro, Solid Gold and California Naturals. They spend their profits on good ingredients and research. Not television advertising.

(From Devin Gibson, Collie Rescue San Antonio,

We are not animal rights freaks, we are not PETA members ... but we are long time "no-buyers" for Proctor and Gamble products (as much as I love Pringles and P&G toothpastes) It has been known for a long time that P&G does unethical research. And any responsible animal owner can just look at their food ingredient lable and tell it is crap. Iams, Eucuba and Science Diet are the worst foods on the market. they are the worst because they spend ALL their profits on fancy packaging and advertising.

Before you hammer me, read your dog's food nutrition label. If you wouldn't eat it. don't feed it. Dogs don't digest corn, it is simply the cheapest filler .... and "by-products" are just feet, feathers, beaks, skin .... any part of the animal not fit for human consumption. Read your dog/cat food label and KNOW what every ingerdient is. Wouldn't you do the same with baby food?

(from Devin Gibson, Collie Rescue San Antonio,


Nutrient Requirements of Cats and Dogs new comprehensive report

Colby Glass, MLIS