Golden Retriever

(Sporting Group)

"...a kindly expression and possessing a personality that is eager, alert and self-confident... Temperament: Friendly, reliable, and trustworthy..." (AKC Standard).

"This breed has a great temperament and a strong desire to please. Usually very friendly, this dog loves to interact with people. Generally gentle in nature, this dog tends to get along with kids and other pets. Goldens tend to enjoy getting attention from anyone. Golden retrievers need an active lifestyle and they love to play games, especially those involving retrieving.

"This was once a very healthy breed, but it's increase in popularity has unfortunately allowed for questionable breeding. This has allowed more health and genetic problems to surface. Hip dysplasia is a major concern. Parents and grandparents of your pup should be checked and cleared. Goldens sometimes experience skin and coat problems, they also get "hotspots" easily. Lymphatic and other cancers may be seen in middle-aged and older golden retrievers. Hypothyroidism is another problem this breed may experience.

"Goldens are very oral and tend to chew a lot as pups and adolescents. Their puppyhood is often long, sometimes up to three years. This breed can have a high activity level, so obedience training is strongly recommended to maintain basic control. Golden retrievers need and want a lot of attention, they are often demanding to receive this attention. For this reason, they do not make a good pet for those who want a totally outside dog. They are also not a good choice for families that are gone for periods of time longer than 10 hours. Their hair is long and it gets dirty easily, plus they shed a lot. This breed is so friendly that sometimes they may even wonder off with strangers" (

"Potential problems: "oral dogs" chew - as young dogs they are one of the most destructive" (Digital Dog).

"Temperament: Everybody's friend, the Golden Retriever is known for its devoted and obedient nature... Ignoring its active nature and powerful physique can lead to behavior problems, and it needs daily physical and mental exercise. It tends to be overly exuberant and boisterous, and its enthusiasm for everything often distracts it during training..." (iVillage).

55 to 75 lbs.

"You will have nice, golden, fluffy dog hair all over your clothing, and even though they grow too big to be lap dogs, they continue to crave cuddling...

"Activity level: high as puppies, moderate as adults... the Golden Retriever settles into an excellent laid-back family dog at about the age of 2...

"Their trainability and tractability suit them for many different venues... many Goldens take readily to competitive obedience...

"A short walk in the morning and evening are not enough exercise for a Golden...

"When outdoors, Goldens should stay in a fenced enclosure, as they are likely to trot away with any friendly stranger. "The downside to their affable nature is that they make dreadful guard dogs"...

"...they live to please you... they want to do whatever you want them to do. This breed is such a joy to own because their greatest mission in life is to make you happy" (Adamson, Eve. "Heart of Gold." Dog Fancy, Dec. 2003, 44-49).


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