"Greyhounds are as fast as they are smart, as wise as they are loving. Outdoors, it is a thrill to watch this dog run at full stretch. Indoors, he becomes a quiet and dignified family member, expecting hugs and petting from his family" (AKC).

"It is essential that Greyhound owners provide their dogs with soft places to rest and sleep as Greyhounds can develop pressure sores.

"Greyhounds are very affectionate, but will not overly dote on you. The Greyhound's gentle nature makes him a good children's dog" (AKC).

Review of Adopting the Racing Greyhound, Third edition, by Cynthia A. Branigan.

"In the last decade, the popularity of retired racing greyhounds as pets has skyrocketed. Through the efforts of greyhound adoption groups in this country -- there are 250 -- most of the 18,000 adoptable greyhounds that need homes every year will find them.

"[This book is] the bible for anyone wishing to adopt a racing greyhound.

"..Branigan says one of her goals for this edition is to discourage people from getting a greyhound without first giving the matter a great deal of thought... how they differ from other breeds. "Psychologically, physiologically, and even historically, these dogs are different."... methods of training and care need to be adapted to fit their special needs...

"One cardinal rule: never let a racing greyhound run free in an unsecured area...

"It's a must-read for anyone considering adopting one of these gentle dogs" (Adams, Janine. "New Books." Dog World, Feb. 2004: 54).

Links & Pictures:

Greyhound Adoption, Heart of Texas rescue group
Greyhound Project - Adopt a Greyhound
Greyhound Protection League dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of gentle, trusting greyhounds slaughtered in more than seventy years of parimutuel dog racing in America
Greyhound Gang dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of ex-racing greyhounds
Greyhound Pets of America

""Greyhounds are so polite, so gentle, so endearing," she says.. "the most perfect dog"...

""To grow properly, Greyhound puppies really need to run daily," Burnham says. "I have seen a couple of Greyhound puppies raised in close confinement, and they grew up seriously structurally unsound" (Steve Dale. "The Multi-faceted Patricia Gail Burnham." Dog World, May 2004: 22-23).

Colby Glass, MLIS