"Regular grooming says 'I love you'...

"Routine grooming significantly affects your god's quality of life... clean dogs can live inside with the family...

"..frequent brushing reduces shedding and matting...

"Dogs can be bathed as often as every three weeks...

" your love by setting up a grooming routine.." (Mohler, Diana. "Keep It Up." Dog Fancy, Feb. 2004, 15).

Grooming tools:

Slicker Brush - "for doublecoated, drop-coated, or densely coated breeds... use.. to remove undercoat."

Pin Brush - "works well on drop-coated breeds.. to prevent mats, thinning and splitting."

Bristle Brush - "for short-coated dogs... it doesn't pick up shedding hair"

Rubber Curry Brush - "widely spaced [rubber] teeth.. attracts and removes shedding coat on short-haired breeds... can be used in circular motion for a light massage... also helps work in and rinse out shampoo on short coats"

Hound Glove - "great for removing dander and shedding hair from short-coated dogs"

Greyhound Comb - "for working out mats"

Rake - "use them on doublecoated breeds, such as Chow Chows, Collies... to remove the undercoat"

Flea Comb - "Comb out fleas to the surface so you can dispose of them, usually in a glass of water with a bit of dish detergent in it"

Nail Clippers (Guillotine Style) - "Keep the clipper perpendicular to the nail; if you place it parallel to the nail, you may crush or splinter the nail"

Stypic Powder - "Trim only small amounts of the nail to avoid nicking the [quick], but keep styptic powder close at hand... Dip your finger in the styptic, hold it against the nail." (Mohler, Diana. "Tools of the Trade." Dog Fancy, Nov. 2003, 26-31).

"Using a hair-dryer at a setting higher than room temperature is asking for permanent hair damage...

"Any procedure that stretches the hair damages it. Brushing mats without using the right moisturizers or silicon sprays is counter-productive...

"Be careful not to bathe your dog too often... Let your dog's hair air dry..." (Land, Babs. "Taming the Frizzies." Dog World, Sep. 2003, 10-11).

Grooming Salons - dangers

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