Japanese Chin

(Toy Group)

"Temperament: A sensitive and intelligent dog whose only purpose is to serve man as a companion. Responsive and affectionate with those it knows and love but reserved with strangers or in new situations" (AKC Standards).

"Playful and affectionate, make wonderful pets for the elderly. They don't require much exercise, apartment life with a daily walk suits them fine. They don't need extreme amounts of trimming or clipping but can shed a medium amount.

"Susceptible to lacerations on the eyes (they protrude somewhat) and Chins can experience respiratory difficulties and heat stroke due to their "pushed-in" faces. They also need to be protected from extreme heat and extreme cold.

"These dogs rarely bark, and if they do so it is in a series of soft snorts, purring or chirping type noises" (http://www.petcare.umn.edu/Dogs/breedinfo.cfm?BreedID=129).

"Potential problems: nippy, pushy, insecure.

"Notes from the trainer: May be difficult to housebreak. Prefers a calm environment. Will not tolerate a hectic household. Due to potential breathing problems [mashed in face], a harness is more suitable for walking..." (Digital Dog).

"Of all the dogs I've had over the years, none have touched my heart as much as the Chin have. They are such special little dogs" (Stovall, Betty. "Japanese Chin." Breed Column. AKC Gazette, June 2003, 52).

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Colby Glass, MLIS