Japanese Spitz

"The Japanese Spitz is a high-spirited, intelligent, and playful dog, which is alert and obedient. This bold little dog is a good watchdog and will alert its owners when it feels it is necessary. The Japanese Spitz is not difficult to train as long as the owner is always consistent. This breed learns quickly and really enjoys agility and playing games of catch with balls or Frisbees. This happy dog is usually good with children and usually gets along well with other dogs and household pets. The Japanese Spitz is, in spirit, a big dog in a little dog's body. This tough little dog acts as a house protector and guardian. The Japanese Spitz can be an inveterate barker, although selective breeding has to some extent reduced this characteristic. Cheerful, bold, proud and affectionate toward its masters, but like all Spitz-type dogs, most are suspicious of strangers" (http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/japanesespitz.htm).

"The Japanese Spitz is a miniature lap spitz, descended from longer haired Nordic dogs brought to Japan in the early part of this century. The most likely type is the Siberian native Samoyed, which was bred smaller and smaller in size after arrival in Japan. This breed does not enjoy the wide acceptance of the Shiba, but has been exported into the Scandinavian countries. There these spitz were happily adopted and are shown...

"Their natural hunting instincts surface when they sight a squirrel or rabbit. Small enough to be a lap dog and large enough to enjoy a romp, the Japanese Spitz is an ideal choice for children or adults" (http://www.thebreedsofdogs.com/JAPANESE_SPITZ.htm).

"They do not need lots of exercise, but they are an active breed and enjoy daily walks. If they are bored they can be mischievous. It is not a dog one can leave in the back yard and forget. They enjoy living both indoors and outdoors, in fact they enjoy being wherever you are as they thrive on human companionship. They can jump very high for their size so fences and gates need to be at least 1.5m to 1.8m high" (http://www.pedigree.com.au/breeds/breeds.asp?b=52&p=j).

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