"Several years ago, the AKC began a serious effort to provide the dog fancy with knowledgeable, competent judges. The AKC has developed an impressive, extensive, and quite comprehensive program consisteing of interviews and written examinations; seminars and workshops for judges, and most recently, the weeklong AKC Judges Institute...

"...many breed parent clubs have provided.. judges' study groups or judges' workshops...

"It behooves all local and national breed clubs to assess their education programs and to make an effort to improve and expand them" ("Dachshunds." Breed Column. AKC Gazette, August 2003, 53).

"Breed seminars offer hands-on education to those who wish to learn more about a breed in a relaxed but realistic setting devoid of the trappings and stress of the show ring. Breed seminars help participants distinguish the true attributes of the breed from the fantasy of advertising" ("Norwegian Elkhounds." Breed Column. AKC Gazette, August 2003, 57).

"..the lack of control that the FSCA [breed club] has over judging of the breed in the United States as compared to the virtually complete control unjoyed by Finland's national breed club. (There, even an all-breed judge cannot judge the Finnish Spitz until after completing the training required by the national breed club... breed quality cannot be entrusted to the show judge." (Walker, Tom T. "Finnish Spitz." Breed Column. AKC Gazette, June 2003, 60-61).

Colby Glass, MLIS