Kong Stuffings

"Introduce your dogs to a Kong several times with a loosely packed one. Once they have got the hang of it then pack them more tightly. Use more popcorn/larger biscuits to block it up and make it more of a challenge. Put something tasty right at the bottom to keep the dog motivated to get every last bit out.

"I usually mix a portion of regular food kibble with some yogurt or cottage cheese or peanut butter or cream cheese. I block the entrance to the Kong with popcorn or a dog biscuit. I seal the whole thing with more yogurt, cream cheese or cottage cheese and then freeze the entire thing.

"On really special occasions (long days, or extensive crate time, holidays) she gets a kong lined with melted cheese and two biscuits wedged into the cheese. Do this by putting some cheese in the Kong, microwaving it for about 10 seconds and then roll the kong around to move the cheese. The cheese is almost impossible to get out of the small end, and the treats get stuck to the walls. Be sure to let your kong cool before giving it to you beloved pooch!

(from dog nutrition list)

Colby Glass, MLIS