"Named for a Dutch duck hunting technique, they are seldom seen outside the Netherlands, where they are kept as a companion dog. They are a medium sized dog much like a small setter or spaniel in appearance, especially with their bushy tail which they use to lure wild ducks so they can be banded. Kooikerhondjes are cheerful and easy to manage and are affectionate with their owners, making them a good hunter's companion or a delightful family dog. Some historian mentioned the Kooiker as possibly playing a part in the development of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever" ... also called the Kooiker Dog and the Dutch Decoy Spaniel.

"History: The Kooiker has existed in the Netherlands for many years. It was a Kooiker who was credited with saving the life of Prince William of Orange (1626-1650) by foiling an assassination attempt by barking and waking them up in time. In the 1600's he was painted by Dutch artist Jan Steen and Jan Vermeer. The breed almost became extinct if it wasn't for Baroness v. Hardenbroek van Ammerstool who work with the breed after World War I" (http://breedersofpuppies.com/caninebreeds/kooikerhondjes.htm).

Kooikerhondje Club of Canada
Kooikerhondje (Finland)
Kooikerhondje, Het Nederlandse (Switzerland)
Swedish Kooikerhondje Club choose the english flag... The first one to bring a Kooiker into Sweden was Gun Nilsson in 1994. She has got Bella Nova's kennel and also breeds tollers since 1986
Netherlands Kooikerhondje Club

email from Lauren on the Toller Rescue list:

Is there, or does anyone anticipate a similar effort towards AKC recognition as experienced with Tollers? How widespread is this breed in the US? I find them very interesting, being so similar to Tollers.

I doubt there will be anything in the near future. At present, there are less than 100 in the US. When Dee got her first Kooiker in 1999, there were only a few, about 15 in the US. They gained UKC recognition not that long ago (and I'm not sure if they have full recognition yet, to participate in conformation), and are recognized by ARBA. They are very cute, and have even participated in a few of our Toller hunt tests.

email from Eric Johnson on the Toller Rescue list:

Dee Nichols, Region 6 Director of NSDTRC(USA), breeds Kooikers. I was recently there to pick up Lucy after a breding and saw a litter of Kooikers. Neat little dogs and very compatible with Tollers. A bit smaller.

Colby Glass, MLIS