Lhasa Apso

"This dog originated in the desolate wilderness of the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. It is primarily used as a watchdog. The Lhasa is very intelligent and has an acute sense of hearing. They are very devoted to family and have their puppy-like behavior until they are 3 to 4 years old. This breed makes a great companion and loves to play around children" (http://www.abcpets.com/dogsnew.html).

Links & Pictures:

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"They are quiet, and very clean in their habits, being easy to housebreak even as young puppies - they are also quickly locked into routine, and dislike disruption of daily habits. Being of a suspicious nature by virtue of their origins, Lhasas tend to question your motives - and can be rather stubborn about their likes and dislikes. Crediting you with the common sense any good Lhasa has, they consider you their equal - unless you are so foolish as to demand (what they consider) something unreasonable from them; then you may have a battle of wills on your hands! This is why it's so important to determine who is the "leader of the pack" in the early months of your Lhasa's life - because they are quick to learn, and have long memories, you must establish dominance at a very early age, or you might become just another pack member subservient to their demands! " (http://www.lhasa-apso.org/articles/joanl.htm, 6/10/05).

Colby Glass, MLIS