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"You need to tell him to go to the pounds EVERY DAY with pictures and medical bills (for proof of ownership) and ask to WALK THE KENNELS!!!! This is very important, because no one down there knows squat about dog colors, ages, sexes, breeds, or sizes. I am not kidding or making a jest. If he wants his dog back, he will have to go look at every dog brought in. It will be hard, but he must persevere. He also needs to call the Shelter out on Fredricksburg Road and the Nacogdoches Road Humane So. Shelter and the one on Jones Ave.. Better yet, he should go visit those places (with pictures, etc..)" (from Robyn Reed, RPOArescue list).

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***GO DOWN TO the pound across the street from the SA zoo IMMEDIATELY.***You have to go in person to check. (It is not difficult to get to.) Once they have a dog in their possesion, they hold it 48 hours before killing it, even if it has tags on or is chipped. DO NOT GIVE UP. People have found their dogs 3-4 months after they have gone missing, because they did NOT give up and were faithful in going down there to look in person. Sometimes well-meaning people pick p a dog and take it out of its' home area to drop it off at this pound. PLEASE go down there immediately. For directions call 210-207-6650. Run an ad in the SA Express newspaper. (source is a posting at http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/laf/492945233.html; accessed 12/5/07).

Colby Glass, MLIS