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"A combination of grandeur and good nature, courage and docility. Dignity, rather than gaiety, is the Mastiff's correct demeanor" (AKC Standard).

"They are actually bigger than most people... Male Mastiffs can weigh as much as 230 pouns and females as much as 170...

"Mastiffs love their people. They dote on adults and children alike...

"Best Home: Indoors with access to a large fenced yard...

"The breed's roots go back more than 2,000 years... Kubla Khan and Hannibal, bred Mastiffs as war dogs...

"Gentle and easygoing, Mastiffs prefer staying close to their owners...

"Owners can't be neat freaks. Mastiffs slobber and drool and twice a year shed profusely" (Davis, Phil. "Lots to Love." Dog Fancy, August 2003, pp. 56-7).

"Mastiffs slobber, some more than others, but all do after they eat or drink. Are you prepared to wash your walls, ceilings, etc. after the slobber flies when they shake their heads? Slobber rags must always be handy in strategic locations all over the house. They always seem to drink when you are ready to walk out the door for work!

"Mastiffs will snore and sometimes you think a train is going through the house. Are you a light sleeper or one that needs constant quiet to sleep? If so, consider another breed. They will want to keep you warm at night on the bed of course. If not on the bed, then they will want to sleep in the same room. They can be amazingly agile at 2:00 am!" ("Is The English Mastiff The Right Breed For You?" Mastiff Club of America,

"The Mastiff requires a lot of exercise: at least 4 walks a day of 30 minutes each are recommended. However, most dogs will not beg and plead for more exercise, as this breed tends to be the "couch potato" of the canine family. In addition, they can get very depressed if not allowed to join in family activities. So, for you avid movie buffs who rent a lot of videos, this may be your dog.

"The Mastiff can be aggressive, especially if not trained early and if this training is not continually reinforced. In addition, the breed often drools and wheezes. Ideally, these dogs require at least four walks a day at thirty-minutes each. In addition, these dogs require experienced owners, and can be stubborn when being trained because they are very sensitive to reprimands. Your puppy will require lots of socialization to prevent a shy or aggressive dog. And, a final note, these dogs often snore and like to dig!

"Zorba, the world's largest dog, was a Mastiff that weighed in at 343 pounds, stood 37 inches tall at the shoulder, and was 8 feet 3 inches from tip to tail . . . and he was only eight years old at the time! (

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