Famous Dogs - Reveille

"Reveille VI(6) the collie mascot of Texas A&M University lives in the military dorms with her caretakers, sleeps in bed with them (as collies do) and actually goes to class with her caretakers. She is never left alone and never crated. She eats her meals in the Mess Hall with her handlers. She is given a diet prescribed by the best Vet school in the world (A&M), goes to the vet college weekly for a check-up, and goes running with her handler each morning. My collies should have such a life!

"Texas A&M is still very much a military school and Reveille is kept by the Corps of Cadets. Rev is actually the only 4 star General in the corps. She is saluted each day at mess with "good morning Miss Reveille Mam" ... freshmen are required to salute her and may not touch her. Only Juniors and Seniors may help with brushing and bathing her.

"Rev goes to class with her handler and he/she is often late because everyone wants to stop Rev to say HI and give a pat. Class is dismissed if Rev barks at the Professor. This is a real A&M policy! Rev also goes to retirement homes, elementary schools etc in the College Station area. She also attends many fund raising and student recruiting functions around the country. this requires that she fly first class and have ger own seats. She is a very busy girl. Rev's most revered role though, is standing at attention at all football games. It wouldn't be a game without Rev.

"Rev 6 [when she died] received a military funeral and burial as do all A&M mascots. Full honors as a general would have. This usually includes an Air Force fly-over and a 21 gun salute. Rev will be buried at the entrance to Kyle Field so she can forever see the scoreboard of her Aggies playing football."

(from email, Devin Gibson, Collie Rescue San Antonio,

Colby Glass, MLIS