Tibetan Spaniel

"The Tibetan Spaniel is known for his remarkable intelligence and affectionate nature.

"The Tibetan Spaniel enjoys the company of his family and does not like to be left alone for long periods of time. He does enjoy the company of other dogs.

"The Tibetan Spaniel is gay and assertive. Although he may be somewhat aloof towards strangers, he is devoted to his family" (AKC).

"Tibetan Spaniels are not really spaniels at all. The misnomer came from a mistranslation of the French word "epagneul", which referred to a companion or lap dog. "Tibbies" did, however, originate in Tibet over 2000 years ago. They were bred and owned by Buddhist monks, but they were never sold. They left Tibet only as gifts.

"Tibetan Spaniels were used as watchdogs because of their keen sense of sight and hearing. They would perch on the high walls of the monastery and bark whenever anyone - or anything - approached, thus warning the monks and the larger Tibetan Mastiffs.

"Tibetan Spaniels make great watchdogs, alerting their owners to any unusual happenings. They also make exceptional companion dogs and they love to be with their family members. This breed has a very independent nature, but will respond well to gentle obedience training. Tibetan Spaniels can live in either apartments or larger homes with ease, and can adapt to a variety of lifestyles. Although they can be reserved with strangers, they are usually good with other animals.

"Tibetan Spaniels do not make good kennel dogs. They need companionship and cannot be left alone. While they are good family pets, they are not recommended for those with very young children" (http://www.petcare.umn.edu/Dogs/breedinfo.cfm?BreedID=155).


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Colby Glass, MLIS