Traveling With Dogs

"...paperwork that you should take with you when you travel with your dog... All of this information [also] helps the person who is watching your dog in case the unthinkable happens...

  • "[Proof that] vaccinations were up-to-date.
  • "Microchip and tattoo numbers.
  • "AKC registration number.
  • "A copy of the AKC registration.
  • "A copy of the AKC Home Again microchip paper.
  • "A copy of current rabies certificate.
  • "Copies of invoices for all other vaccinations.
  • "General medical information, including the name, address, and telephone number of [your] veterinarian.
  • "A note on where [the dog] has her tattoo and its number."

(Moore, Stella. "Traveling With Your Dog." Breed Column. AKC Gazette, June 2003, 67).

Colby Glass, MLIS