Rescued August 28, 2004 [notes on him at bottom]

We rescued Weasley on Aug. 28, 2004 from the Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, Texas. He was about to be put down. He is about one year old and is really just a big puppy, very playful and full of energy. Weasley was found as a stray in Austin; no one knows his history.

Weasley was called "Rusty" at the shelter because his fur is the classic Toller red. He has webbed feet, feathering at the legs and tail, and the typical Toller layering of fur across his back. His fur is short for a Toller, however, his ears are a bit small, and his head is broad. He obviously has something else mixed in. He has beautiful golden eyes and a pink nose and front of his snout. His snout is very soft.

Weasley is one of the most person-oriented and loving dogs I have encountered. His favorite thing is to lay his head on your lap or chest and be cuddled and baby-talked. He just adores attention and stays with me constantly. He is not a dog who will leave you alone: he wants to be constantly with you, every moment, including the bathroom. I think he would get in the shower with me if I let him.

HEALTH: Weasley is negative on heartworm and fecal tests. He is current on heartworm medications. The vet. has gone over him and declared him in excellent health. We are feeding him Wellness brand Super 5 kibble. He seems to be thriving on it. We are free feeding him, which means that he nibbles throughout the day instead of one or two large meals. The high quality food has improved his coat quality a lot. When he came to us he had dandruff, but that has disappeared with the good diet.

Weasley has a very high-pitched bark, almost like a chihuahua. His growl, when he is playing, is also very high-pitched.

TOYS: Weasley is a typical big playful puppy. He didn't know about toys but quickly learned. He has a stuffed duck which he carries around and squeezes to make it quack. It loves the fact that it makes Amy, our other Toller, jealous. When she barks at him he throws the duck in the air.

He loves to play ball. He is just learning with a tennis ball and gets really excited. He is still having trouble giving the ball up to be thrown again. He races around the room with the ball.

We also use old white athletic socks for playing tug-a-war. Weasley has recently learned about this game and loves to play tug with Amy.

Weasley also loves to play war with Amy. They wrestle and roll around the room. For some reason, Weasley isn't used to playing outside, so he initiates games when he comes in. Weasley also likes to play "spook the dog." You grab at his tail or throw your arms up in the air and he will race around the room barking and grinning.

VOCABULARY: The phrase to go outside and do business is "Let's go biffy." He also knows the commands Off, Down, Sit, Leave It, Stay, and Shake. He is also crate trained and recently began going in his crate voluntarily at bedtime. He likes being on the bed, but does not sleep there. If left out of the crate, he likes to lie on the cool tiles on the floor. It is difficult to leave him loose at night, however, because he wants to get everyone up to play.

Weasley is learning to have his teeth brushed. The phrase for him to get on the bed and be brushed is "Time for toofies". I let him lick some of the poultry-flavored toothpaste off the brush and then I slip the brush into his mouth. He wants to open his mouth and chew on the brush, so I have to force his mouth closed and brush around the outside. I always give him a treat afterwards for being a good boy. Then I give him a chew stick or piece of rawhide to chew. These are referred to as "chewies" and he tends to forget to chew on them because he is so excited about life. I tell him "Good chewy" and hand it to him to remind him to chew.

OTHER PETS AND CHILDREN: Weasley is very easy-going and plays well with other dogs, although his puppy exuberance is a bit overwhelming for dogs much smaller than him. He is also a bit clumsy and might hurt smaller pets. He likes to chase cats but doesn't hurt them and we are working on teaching him "Leave it." He seems to be great with children. We have encountered them at Petco and he lets them pet him and poke him and pull on his ears. He seems to understand that they get more leeway in behavior.

This might also be a good place to mention Weasley's general behavior. He is not jealous or alpha, just very puppyish and pushy. You can touch him and even take food out of his mouth. He has not hangups about food. He does, however, tend to be a little possessive of toys, but nothing serious.

WARNING: Weasley is WAY too full of energy and curiosity to be left alone. I left him alone once in my bedroom and he destroyed it, including dragging the mattress off the bed and chewing off the corners. So you should keep him company and keep him busy all the time.

Colby Glass, MLIS