Yorkshire Terrier

"This dog was originally called the Scottish Terrier, but was brought to Yorkshire, England, by Scottish weavers. The smaller Yorkshire Terrier was, in part, a result of the Industrial Revolution. As families moved from larger rural spaces into smaller urban ones, the Scottie was bred down to a smaller, more suitable sized dog. When these dogs were originally registered with the British Kennel Club in 1874 they were also known as the "Broken Haired Scottish Terrier."

"These dogs can be extremely vigorous and hardy, or completely genteel and an ideal lap dog. They love attention, and must participate in all family activities. They do not require extensive outdoor exercise, and get along fairly well with strangers. They make excellent little watchdogs because of their keen sense of hearing. In addition, these dogs bond well to one person.

"The Yorkshire Terrier is a demanding dog, and will snap to protect its food or toys. However, these dogs can also be timid with strangers. They can be noisy, difficult to housebreak and rather aggressive. In addition, too much pampering will create a dog with numerous behavioral problems" (http://www.petcare.umn.edu/Dogs/breedinfo.cfm?BreedID=155).


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Colby Glass, MLIS