NRC Asleep at the Switch

"The report focused on Harris because it contains the largest spent-fuel storage capacity in the country. But every nuclear power plant in the nation now uses densely racked pools as a cost-cutting measure. If the cooling pools at any plant lose water through attack or accident, the waste will burn, releasing far more than the two megacuries of cesium-137 that escaped at Chernobyl.

Saying that the NRC is asleep at the switch is an understatment. The NRC is an industry advocate that is actively subverting science. Commissioner Ed McGaffigan this year directed his staff to prepare a conclusion-driven report to "sort of undermine deeply" a new Princeton study demonstrating the danger of spent fuel auto-ignition...

"Never economical (the nuclear power industry could not function without outrageous liability limits and taxpayer-subsidized insurance under the Price-Anderson Act), new nuclear facilities are desired by utilities, as subsidy-mills, despite sustained economic contradiction and huge debts" (Letter from security analyst Stan Goff. The Nation, September 15 2003, 2).

Colby Glass, MLIS