80s Room

In this room, you'll find various 80s toys & memorabilia, and the occasional 70's or 90's item.
McDonald's Garfield cup - one of a set of 4 dated 1978 - reads, "It's not a pretty life, but somebody has to live it" - Odie is on other side, holding up the other end of Garfield's hammock with his teeth - exc. cond. - $2 My Little Pony - Parasol, Rainbow Earth pony plush - tag reads, "Hasbro Softies 1984" - exc. cond. - $5
Muppet Babies puzzle - 60 pc. complete - dated 1984 - 11 x 16 when finished - $4 Rare HTF 1987 first edition "Def Leppard: Animal Instinct" biography by David Fricke - the only authorized biography, filled with pictures - great condition, 4-page merchandise flyer from '87 or '88 included, mint condition - $60 (or Best Offer)
1983 Rainbow Brite frame tray puzzle - 12 pc. great condition - $5 Strawberry Shortcake Lime Chiffon doll - dated 1979, wearing what I believe is one of Strawberry's outfits - small paint rub on right cheek, otherwise exc. cond. - $4
GloFriend - Glo Bashful Bug - small pink mark on her shawl next to her right arm, otherwise very good condition - marked 1986 - $5 GloFriend - Glo Butterfly - exc. cond. marked 1986 - $5
GloFriend - Glo Bug - few small paint rubs on back wing edges - marked 1985 - $4 GloFriend - Glo Clutterbug - exc. cond. - marked 1986 - $6
GloFriend - Glo Cricket - few faint marks on the back - marked 1985 - $6 GloFriend - Glo Snugbug - exc. cond. - marked 1984 - $5
Little People - Original style Girl - blond, red body, white plastic collar - wood body & head - hair is cracked at the scalp, but still firmly attached - $1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Burger King Raphael toy dated 2003 - pull him back and let him go! - battery strip still inserted; I believe the back wheel lights up - $2
Vintage Alf Book: A Day at the Fair - copyright 1987, exc. cond. w/ no markings, folds, rips, or missing pages - $3 Vintage Roger Rabbit Book: Make the World Laugh - copyright 1988, original price tag, exc. cond. w/ no markings, folds, rips, or missing pages - $3
Vintage Back to the Future Book: The Story - copyright 1985, good cond., several creases on front & back covers - over 50 full-color photos illustrating the story (actual photos, not drawings like on the cover), no markings or ripped pages - goes into a little more detail in some scenes than the movie did - $4 Muppet Babies Puzzle #2 - Muppet Babies birthday party - 1989, 60 pc. 11 x 16 when finished - complete, but one piece has broken in half at the weak point; both halves are present and useable - $3
Chien Po - 2002 McDonald's toy - I think he's supposed to spin like a top - scuffed and paint-rubbed - $1 or Free with purchase 2 Cabbage Patch Kids Angels, both about 3 1/2 inches high - blond is dated 1992, can turn her head, has a pearlized finish on her robe, and is in good cond. except she's missing her wings - brunette is dated 1994, can turn her head and arms and is in great cond. except for a few small paint rubs on the front of her robe - $1.50 for both
Vintage 1989 Polly Pocket compact by Bluebird toys - the yellow variation of Midge's Play School - top has bedroom, bathroom, play area w/ crib, and a schoolroom - bottom has a yard with a pond, a tree stump for sitting, a stone walkway, stairs to the top, a slide, and a red gate that swings open - compact only - $6 Holiday Smurf - dated 1982, 6 inches tall - Smurf and sewn-on tag are both in great condition, the candy cane looks like it's been chewed on by a puppy - $2.50
Baseball Garfield Plush - 9 inches tall, dated 1981 - comes with leather-like catcher's mitt (exc. cond.), and baseball cap with a "G" under the brim - cap can be removed, but is still sewn to the side of his head, so it won't get lost; easily removeable, though - fur is still very soft, and he can stand on his own - exc. cond., except for small paint rubs on nose and pupils - $6 Garfield Holiday Candle - original sticker still on bottom, dated 1981 - 5 inches tall to the tip of the wick - never burned, paint still in great condition, and very glossy - $3
Charlie Brown 'Cyclopedia Vol. 1: Featuring Your Body - minimal stains, no rips or missing pages - faint cigarette odor - $2 or Free with other purchase NSync disposable camera, NRFP, comes with "backstage pass" - every photo will have one of several different NSync borders on it - $4
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves The Official Movie Book by Garth Pearce - hardback, dated 1990 - full color, TONS of pictures of the stars, backstage, original concept art, set & costume designs, interviews, a look at earlier Robin Hood movies, and a lot more - 80 pages, exc. cond. - $12
Cabbage Patch Kids cup with handle - white w/ green picture - plastic - has no date that I can find - $2 ($1 with other purchase)