This is where you'll find the credits for the awesome clip art throughout the site. Scroll down to find links to some other great toy sites!

Every little bit of She-Ra clip art you see on my site was created by the wonderfully sweet and generous Michelle, and more can be found on her She-Ra website, plus games, coloring pages, desktop accessories, e-cards and more. If you use any of her stuff, give her credit; she deserves it!

Every piece of Jem clip art you see on my site was created by the very talented people over at Jem Things & Stuff. You can find a lot more clip art over there, plus an episode and song guide, doll and fashion guides with great pictures, downloads for your computer, cell phone, iPod and mp3 player, original Jem commercials to watch, and a lot more! Remember to give them credit if you use any of their clip art!

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