Odds & Ends

This is where you'll find all the miscellaneous goodies that just didn't fit into any category.
Bone Pen Set - replicas of the human femur, set of two, black ink, NRFP - $4 India-style Clock - antique look, quarter in picture for size reference - metal (heavy) with elephant relief on each side - missing battery cover (requires one AA, included) but battery stays snug without the cover - otherwise great cond. - works - $10
2007 McDonald's Madame Alexander doll as the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz - blue eyes open when standing, close when lying down - exc. cond. - $1.50 Thomas Kincaid miniature puzzle - Twilight Cottage - 1998, 100 pc., complete - 9 in. x 7 in. when finished, house-shaped box is 4 3/4 in. tall - $3
Small Taco Bell dog plush - says "I theenk I'm een love" when you press his belly - exc. cond. - could just use a light washing (machine wash instructions on his tag) - can stand on his own - $4 Disney Wobblers - from Frosted Flakes, I believe, #32: Mike from Monsters, Inc. & #14: Dale from Chip and Dale - you can flick them around all you want, and they'll always stand back up - $1 each, $1.50 for both, or $1 for both with another purchase
Don Vaughan Table Mats by Clover Leaf - 6 heavy duty corkboard table mats, each with a different landscape painting by artist Don Vaughan - original box (with care instructions on back) - each mat is 9 in. high, & 11 1/2 in. wide - each picture is still crisp and clear, with minute detailing - no date anywhere that I can find, unless the marking "SPN61" means something - great cond. - $10