Banishment, Deserved and Needed

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The ancient Greeks of Athens had a custom which we might consider emulating. Once a year they would hold an election and choose the worst, most hated person in the city-state and banish him--throw him OUT; strip him of his citizenship and deny him the label of human and the right to live among decent folk. We get the word "ostracism" from this practice.

Can you think of some people who deserve to be banished, ostracized, some people who don't deserve the right to associate with decent people? I bet you can.

I propose that we take up the practice again. We cannot, I suppose, actually throw them out of the country [more's the shame]. But we can certainly advertise their shameful behavior far and wide. Give them a "poop" award, send articles to all major papers, etc. Send news releases to news and comedy TV shows. Embarass the heck out of them.

I think we should have categories, like

  • Bankers [either Wall Street or Main Street] Have they foreclosed on your house? Stick it to them.
  • Politicians [all stripes] Tired of being screwed over by the establishment?
  • Businessmen [bosses especially] You ever have a boss you hated?
  • Lawyers [Remember they make the laws which allow everyone else to legally shaft you]
  • Lobbyists [paid to write bills and subvert YOUR govenment]
  • Corporations [they ARE people according to our esteemed (is that the right word?) Supreme Court]
  • Individuals [] The world is your oyster... choose the slimiest.
  • States of the Union [Which state has done its best to make you miserable?]
  • Or, just vote for the CATEGORY you despise the most [Oh! The choices].

Here is the POOP award, a plaque to be delivered by their victims:

You Have Earned the
POOP Award

You are more hated than any [category] in the USA

You should get out... NOW... LEAVE our country

You are not wanted. You are despised. You smell.

Dealing with you was like STEPPING in shit.

Your name will be spread far and wide as the most reviled [category] in America.

You do not deserve to associate with decent people. Go away... NOW!


Speaking for the Majority
We revoke your citizenship,
We revoke your humanity;
We hereby ostracize you forever.
POOP Awards Committee and
Citizens voting across the USA


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For more information on banishment and ostracism see the following:

Ostracism political practice in ancient Athens whereby a prominent citizen who threatened the stability of the state could be banished without bringing any charge against him. (A similar device existed at various times in Argos, Miletus, Syracuse, and Megara.) At a fixed meeting in midwinter, the people decided, without debate, whether they would hold a vote on ostracism (ostrakophoria) some weeks later. Any citizen entitled to vote in the assembly could write another citizen’s name down, and, when a sufficiently large number wrote the same name, the ostracized man had to leave Attica within 10 days and stay away for 10 years.

Exile Exile and banishment, prolonged absence from one’s country imposed by vested authority as a punitive measure. It most likely originated among early civilizations from the practice of designating an offender an outcast and depriving him of the comfort and protection of his group. Exile was practiced by the Greeks chiefly in cases of homicide, although ostracism was a form of exile imposed for political reasons.

In Rome, exile (exsilium) arose as a means of circumventing the death penalty (see capital punishment). Before a death sentence was pronounced, a Roman citizen could escape by voluntary exile. Later, degrees of exile were introduced, including temporary or permanent exile, exile with or without loss of citizenship, and exile with or without confiscation of property. The Romans generally determined punishment by class, applying sentences of banishment to the upper classes and sentences of forced labour to the lower classes.

From the Anglo-Saxon penalty of outlawry, English law developed the practice of banishing criminals as an alternative to capital punishment. By the 18th century, English convicts were being deported to penal colonies in North America and Australia.

Ostracism Ostracism was a procedure under the Athenian democracy in which any citizen could be expelled from the city-state of Athens for ten years. While some instances clearly expressed popular anger at the citizen, ostracism was often used preemptively. It was used as a way of neutralizing someone thought to be a threat to the state or potential tyrant. The word "ostracism" continues to be used for various cases of social shunning.

In January of 2017, Rachel Maddow asked an interesting question. Considering the large number of Goldman-Sachs people Trump appointed to his cabinet, what would you call a collection of such people. A group of cows is called a herd. Bats are called a cloud, ants are a swarm, armadillos a roll, A flock of birds, an obstinancy of buffalo, a bellowing of bullfinches, a cast of crabs, a murder of crows. Hmmmm!

  • A corruption of bankers?

  • A scum of bankers?

  • A revulsion of bankers?

  • A cancer of bankers?

  • A cheat of bankers?

  • A scam of bankers?

  • A Trump of bankers?

What about other categories?

  • A corruption of corporations?

  • A loathe of lawyers?

  • A prostitute of lobbyists?

Send us your suggestions in our blog. We'll add to the collection. Maybe have a contest!



Language is important; terms are important. Witness how the Republicans have pre-empted the term "entitlements." This implies that they are unearned, charity.

First, what is wrong with charity? Every religion tells us to take care of the least among us.

Second, many of the things they refer to as "entitlements" have been earned by us. Social Security for instance. You pay in to it your entire working life. Then you are told it is an "entitlement," you don't deserve it!

Fight back. Watch your language and be sure to scew things against them. Do not allow them to use their biased language.

Firmly correct them. Say it YOUR way.

Raise a Stink

Have you ever smelled pig shit? There is truly nothing more awful. Its sweet, putrid stink is like nothing else you have ever encountered. Awful!

Can you think of someone who deserves to have pig shit thrown on them? Wouldn't you like to express your revulsion at their presence by raising a stink?

Now you can.

Canned aerisol cans of stink can be purchased, allowing you the option of letting go your opinion in public or private. Make sure it seems like it is coming from them... they are the source of stink after all.


Still not finished expressing your opinion?

Purchase your bumper stickers HERE

Pick your category. We will send you a customized sticker with the name of the winner of your chosen category. Name names.

Be the first in your block to name the person you want thrown out of the country.

Even better. Order a yard sign! Let everyone know who shouldn't be allowed in our society.

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