_Breakfast_ Coffee Hemp Milk, Vanilla 1 Coconut Milk, 1 Soymilk, Vanilla, 1 Bread, Ezekiel Grains, Millet, 1 lb Hemp Seeds, Raw, 2 oz on top of oatmeal Oats, Steel Cut, 2 lb Sweet potatoes 1 lb. w/ cereal Spinach, Baby 2 Tempeh Sausage 1 Cashew Butter 1 Apples pitted dates Tofu, Extra Firm, 1 breakfast burrito _Lunch_ Basil Broccoli Cilantro 1 Cucumber Romaine lettuce 2 Raw cashews 1/2 lb Walnuts halves & pcs. 1/2 lb Lady Cream Peas 1 bag Bell peppers 1 lb. Roma tomato 3 yellow squash blue cheese dressing Red wine vinegar brown rice vinegar Rice, Heat & Eat 2 Microwave: Lift flap to dotted line. Microwave on high 60 to 90 seconds (heating times may vary, depending on wattage). Rice, Heat & Eat Quinoa and Brown 1 w/salad Ezekial bread w/ salad cashew butter c. black beans c. pinto beans _Supper_ Cauliflower 1 Mushrooms 4 Brown rice pasta Bok Choy, Baby 1 lb. Broth, Vegetable, 2 Chard, Swiss 1 Mixed nuts 1/2 lb Rice, Brown 2 lb Rice, Long Grain Brown 36 oz. Beans, Canned - Pinto, or w/salad Gravy, Vegetarian Wild Mushroom, 2 Tomatoes, Crushed w/Roasted Onion, Amber Glass 1 cumin chili powder turmeric minced garlic minced ginger turmeric c. tomatoes c. tomato paste