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The Linguist Method

"Language is power" -Steve Kaufmann

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Have you ever wondered “Why learn a foreign language?” LANGUAGES HELP YOU CONNECT WITH A CULTURE--language and culture are intertwined. By studying a language you gain a deeper understandings of a culture and it’s people.

..discover words which don't exist in my language, make friends all over the world, have the pleasure of cursing in other languages...

YOU HAVE A LOVE FOR LANGUAGES AND AN URGE TO STUDY THEM--For a lot of you, your studies are motivated by a deep love for learning languages. You just enjoy the whole process of studying and learning how other people communicate... Life is too short to speak one language.


STUDYING A LANGUAGE HELPS YOU CONNECT WITH FAMILY AND RELATIVES--Some of you have a pretty diverse background! And naturally, with family members or ancestors from all over the world, the desire to know where you come from can create a strong impulse to study their language. It’s a great way to better understand your cultural roots.

LANGUAGE LEARNING HELPS YOU MAKE FRIENDS--The best way to learn to speak a language is to just speak the language and naturally you need native speakers to help with that. Learning a language and meeting people who speak that language are two things that go hand-in-hand.

LANGUAGES MAKE TRAVELING THE WORLD AND LIVING ABROAD MORE PLEASURABLE--Exploring the world and it’s cultures is the whole reason I study languages in the first place.

STUDYING LANGUAGES CAN EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN--Besides the many benefits listed in that post, such as being better at math, improved test scores, improved studying skills and increased creativity, studies at the University of Edinburgh show that studying languages improves the “elasticity” of your brain and keeps it young!

LANGUAGES HELP YOU EXPLORE YOUR HOBBIES AND HAVE FUN--For many of you, studying new languages helps you dive even deeper into your hobbies and interests.


LANGUAGES HELP YOU BECOME AN INTERNATIONAL PERSON OF MYSTERY--I think this was my favourite category of answers. Apparently we have a lot of burgeoning international spies in our midsts! A surprising number of you looked at languages as a way of hiding or gathering information from the people around you.

I had my own experiences blending into the local environment in Egypt so I definitely know where you’re coming from. Whether you want to blend in like a local, or you want to know what the native speakers are saying without their knowledge, studying a language can help you enhance your covert skills.

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Colby Glass, MLIS, Professor Emeritus