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Ancient Scripts: Linear B
Ancient Scripts: Linear A
Minoan Linear A & Mycenaean Linear B "a place for the discussion of the Dead Languages of the Mediterranean. This is a place for academic and independent researchers to meet and discuss the latest research on ancient languages of Cretan literacy: the Cretan hieroglyphs, Linear A (Minoan) and Linear B (Mycenaean Greek)."
Damos: Database of Mycenaean at Oslo "aims at being an annotated electronic corpus of all the published Mycenaean texts, the earliest (ca. XV-XII B.C.) written evidence of the Greek language, comprised of inscriptions in the Linear B syllabic script." Federico Aurora at the Universitetet i Oslo has completed work on an outstanding repository of Linear B inscriptions. The user interface is absolutely beautiful and intuitive. Do a search on a Linear B word like da-mo and make sure to put your mouse over the tablet’s magnifying glass.
Andromeda Books: The Classics Bookshop of Athens

JOHN T. KILLEN, JOSÉ LUIS MELENA, JEAN-PIERRE OLIVIER (eds.). Studies in Mycenaean and Classical Greek, pesented to John Chadwick. Universidad de Salamanca, 1987.

LUIS MICHELENA. Languages and Protolanguages, with a preface by Joaquín Gorrochategui, 1997.

Reading the Iliad (posted in Deaditerranean)
Posted on 23 November 2012 by K.A. Raymoure
"I have a bilingual (Homeric Greek + English) of the Iliad (trans. A.T Murray, ed. William F. Wyatt). The sabre-rattling and violence is not generally my cup of tea, but I’ve been maintaining my pace through the sheer joy of encountering Homeric Greek words that I recognize from the Mycenaean Greek. I usually find 3 or 4 per page, usually simple ones like te-o ‘god(s)’ or ka-ko ‘bronze’.

"There is a brief section in Book IV, however, where suddenly I was being pelted with Mycenaean. From 105 to 145 (alphabetical on the Mycenaean side):

Colby Glass, MLIS