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"The Bush Administration claims to have established democracy in Afghanistan -- but what can "democracy" possibly mean when more than half the population is property?... Afghan girls and women are still bought, sold and traded as commodities.

"So far, the Bush administration has met that problem by ignoring it...

"In recent months, international aid workers in Kabul have been warned not to raise the issue of women's rights before the Afghan presidential election, now scheduled for October, lest it spook a "conservative" reaction, topple the fragile Karzai government and reflect badly on the nation-building abilities of George W. Bush" (Ann Jones. "Letter From Afghanistan." The Nation, Oct. 4, 2004: 17-19).

"Meanwhile, opium production has reached record levels, up 50 percent in the last year. Now Afghanistan supplies an amazing 92 percent of the world's opium supply.

"For this, the Bush Administration has no one to blame but itself. The blunders Donald Rumsfeld has made in Afghanistan--leaving aside Iraq--should have been enough to cashier him long ago. First, he let Osama bin Laden escape from the caves of Tora Bora. Then, he refused to deploy a sufficient number of troops to restore order throughout Afghanistan. (Sound familiar?) And finally, he was oblivious to the rise of the opium trade.

""Senior Bush Administration officials had displayed a complete lack of interest in the Afghan opium problem ever since 9/11," writes James Risen in State of War. "In fact, the White House and Pentagon went out of their way to avoid taking on the Afghan drug lords from the very outset of US military operations in Afghanistan."

"They refused to bomb drug labs. When they stumbled on opium crops and heroin production, they were ordered to ignore them" (Matthew Rothschild. "Afghanistan Unliberated." The Progressive, Oct., 2006: 8-9).

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