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Anarchist in the Library interview with Siva Vaidhyanathan
Anarchy "an international magazine for anarchist resistance. Neither left nor right, just uncompromisingly anti-authoritarian, radically cooperative, and communitarian, ecological, and feminist"
Eat the State! anti-authoritarian political opinion, research, and humor
Historical Anarchist texts full texts, mostly from the early 20th century
LABOR page of links
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
Noam Chomsky Archive contains the full text to many of Chomsky's major works, the complete audio to several important lectures, and numerous articles, interviews and speeches
Revolutionary Worker Online weekly newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
Social Anarchism "As both political philosophy and personal lifestyle, social anarchism promotes community self-reliance, direct participation in political decision-making, respect for nature, and nonviolent paths to peace and justice"
War Tax Resistance "What would you do if someone came to your door with a cup in hand asking for a contribution to help buy guns to kill a group of people they didn't like?"
World Socialist Web Site provides analysis of major world events, comments on political, cultural, historical, and philosophical issues from the viewpoint of the socialist movement

"Murray Bookchin: US political thinker whose ideas shaped the anti-globalization movement...

""Capitalism is a social cancer," he argued. "It is the disease of society"...

"His magnum opus was the Ecology of Freedom (1982). "The domination of nature by man stems from the very real domination of human by human," he wrote. "The long-term solution to the ecological crises is a fundamental shift in how we organise society, a new politics based on face-to-face democracy, neighborhood assemblies and 'the dissolution of hierarchy'"....

"In Remaking Society (1990) he wrote: "To speak of 'limits to growth' under a capitalistic market economy is as meaningless as to speak of limits of warfare under a warrior society. The moral pieties that are voiced today by many well-meaning environmentalists are as naive as the moral pieties of multinationals are manipulative. Capitalism can no more be 'persuaded' to stop breathing"...

"Without Bookchin's book, Post-Scarcity Anarchism (1971), anarchism would not be the force within the anti-capitalist movement that it is today. Bookchin parted company with anarchism in 1998, refocusing on "communalism", but his writing lifted and sustained the movement from the 19th into the 21st century" (Mike Small. "Murray Bookchin." Guardian Weekly, Aug. 11, 2006: 25).

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