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Before we invade...

A list of things to do before we invade Iraq in our never ending "war on terror":

1. Volunteer to work in a VA hospital with some Vietnam vets. (Yes, there are still some there.)

2. Look at the map of the proposed oil pipeline that runs from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. Check to see which U.S. companies will benefit from it.

3. Demand the president prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone in Iraq or Afghanistan is guilty of the Sept. 11 disaster. If he will not prove it, assume this war is about oil.

4. If you profess Christianity, please read Exodus 20:13 and Matthew 5:39 and 5:44.

5. Ask yourself if this cause is good enough to send your son or daughter to die for. If the answer is no, you forfeit your right to want to send anyone else's child.

6. Ask God to bless the Constitution, and may he give us the strength to force our leaders to abide by it. And in your spare time you might read it.

Larry Wohlgemuth (Veteran, U.S. Air Force)

Overland Park

(source: Kansas City Star, Letters section, Sep. 26, 2002)

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