Bush Betrays Troops, Vets

"If you want to know how the Bushites "support our troops," check with any of the thousands of stunned military families who have learned that Bush's Pentagon has failed to provide essential equipment needed by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan -- everything from life-saving body armor to warm gloves, from rifles that work to flash-lights. The families, having received desparate calls, emails and letters from the front lines, literally have had to go to their local stores, buy equipment, and ship it to their loved ones!" (1).

"Speaking of weapons-makers, our troops have also found that many of their weapons don't work... The M-16 rifle that "jammed up" on Lynch was infamous for having the exact same problem in the Vietnam War, 35 years before. Back then, the complaints from the field were so many and so angry that Congress held hearings, concluding that the gun had "serious and excessive malfunctions" and that the Army's behavior in sending soldiers into combat with a weapon that had such known defects "border[ed] on criminal negligence"" (2).

"Less known is another Halliburton contract with the Pentagon, this one to serve hot meals to 110,000 of our troops in Iraq at the cost of $28 a day for each person -- about $3 million a day to Halliburton.

"The food is bad. I don't mean untasty. It's "dirty," according to a Pentagon inspection team that found "blood all over the floor.. dirty salad bar.. rotting meats.. and vegetables" and other nastiness in four of the military messes Halliburton is paid to operate" (3).

"This White House also tried to hold down the combat pay of soldiers serving in Bush's wars, and it opposed an increase in the $6,000 one-time payment made to families of troops killed on duty (Congress later ignored Bush and doubled this amount)" (4).

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(Jim Hightower. "The Bushites' Betrayal of Our Troops and VetsHightower Lowdown, Feb. 2004: 1-4).

Colby Glass, MLIS