Pinochet, Anti-Globalization Successes

Globalization rules were destroying Chile's economy. "Riots and strikes by a population too hungry and desperate to fear bullets forced Pinochet to reverse course. He boote his beloved Chicago experimentalists.

"Reluctantly, the general restored the minimum wage and unions' collective bargaining rights... authorized a program to create 500,000 [new] jobs... CHile was pulled from depression by dull old Keynesian remedies -- all Franklin Roosevelt, zero Ronald Reagan. The junta even instituted what remains today as South America's only law restricting the flow of foreign capital...

"Pinochet nationalized banks and industry on a scale unimagined by the socialist Allende" (Greg Palast. The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. NY: Plume, 2003: 203).

"First woman president vows to make half her cabinet female...

"A former torture victim of General Augusto Pinochet, Michelle Bachelet was electged the first woman president of Chile, in last Sunday's election...

"One of the first pledges made by Ms Bachelet, a single mother with three children, was to make half her cabinet women and give all Chileans a voice. She is expected to push for workers' rights, pension reform and pre-school education during her four-year term, which begins in March. As a former political prisoner tortured under General Pinochet's regime, she is widely admired by the working class.

"Expectations for major policy changes are boosted by the strong Chilean economy, growing at 5.5%. As the world's largest producer of copper, Chile is benefiting from record high copper prices, providing Ms Bachelet with the cash to fund her social programmes" (Jonathan Franklin. Pinochet victim sets Chile on course for reform." Guardian Weekly, Jan. 20, 2006: 9).

Colby Glass, MLIS