Quaker Earthcare Witness see La Bella Farm (Finca La Bella)
Montana Coffee Traders see Cafe Monteverde from Finca La Bella

Coffee Science Information Centre Bach called coffee "lovelier than a thousand kisses" and this site will tell you all about it - coffee and health, world coffee events, and a brief essay on coffee throughout history
Delocator find locations in cities where Starbucks is not and where good independent houses are... a direct way for anyone to strike a blow against the corporate machine
Grounds for Change "a Pacific Northwest organic coffee roaster specializing in socially responsible and environmentally sustainable coffee. We roast exclusively 100% Fair Trade Organic Coffee, that is grown in shaded conditions "
Just Coffee organic coffee from fair trade collectives in Central America -- "Through Fair Trade, consumers, activists, and coffee roasters are partnering with small coffee growers to ensure that growers, their families, and their communities receive a fair price for their produce. By cutting the coffee supply chain down to a minimum number of participants, and by each paticipant committing to deal with the others as equal partners, Fair Trade is positively changing the way that coffee business is done" [a photo-editorial about this group ran in the November 2004 issue of The Progressive
Koffee Korner --everything about the bean and brew

"Worldwide, 1.5 million gallons of coffee are consumed each day" (, 3-29-05).

"The natural oils found in coffee beans have been shown to reduce the risk of eight different types of cancer" (, 4-7-2005).

"To save energy, small coffee bean growers dry out their beans in the sun. As a result, the average ten pound bag of "indie" coffee contains around three teaspoons of insect matter and bird droppings" (, Nov. 10, 2005).

Colby Glass, MLIS