Dems--Why Not Woo The Young?

These quotes were taken from The Nation, July 21/28, 2003, p. 10. The article was by Thomas Geoghegan.

"Since 1968 the Democrats have been shut out, more or less, as majority party. But with a small bump in left-of-center turnout, they'd be running the country. The dropoff in voting has been greatest among the young. This is the biggest what-if in American politics. What if the Democrats pitched an issue to the young?

"For example, student loans. Declare an amnesty...

"No. Instead the Democrats over and over pitch their issues to the elderly--only, in the last election, to see the old people, hardhearted, reject them again. Isn't it better to woo the young?...

"We're afraid to say, out loud, directly to the Kids: College should be free...

"At least one candidate, John Edwards, seems to get it. He says freshman year should be free. But Senator: If we want the kids OVER 18 to vote, shouldn't we make it senior year?

"And meanwhile, the Democrats, always out of office by a whisker, go on chasing after the old... For that matter, where are the unions? If I were the AFL-CIO for a day, I'd send out organizers to every campus and organize for the Democrats around the issue of student loans."

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