"...two important lessons about contemporary uses of US intelligence. One: The First Customer [Bush II] requires his information to be provided to him with "no room for shadings" as they may exist in, say, the real world. And two: In order to get Bush to pay attention, the intelligence had to be cooked up to agree with his beliefs. Given this, we might as well ditch our entire intelligence system, because unless it simply regurgitates the President's pre-existing prejudices, the information it contains will be ignored, rewritten or both" (Eric Alterman. "Case Closed." The Nation, April 25, 2005: 11).

Negroponte: Unfit to Lead

"...the new post of director of national intelligence... Bush appointed John Negroponte, the current US Ambassador in Iraq... the DNI position was compromised from the start, partly because the Pentagon, which claims 80 percent of the overall intelligence budget of $40 billion-plus, did not fancy the creation of an intelligence czar who might tell the military what to do. The DNI slot ended up with plenty of responsibility... but limited authority. The DNI, without any budget power, will have to depend upon his sway at the White House to implement any serious changes. This is not the ideal relationship. A DNI should be somewhat independent of the White House--and its biases and assumptions...

"The ultimate goal of the DNI is to guarantee that the President and other policy-makers receive unvarnished and valuable information. Yet there is evidence that Negroponte, when he was Ronald Reagan's ambassador to Honduras in the 1980s, suppressed intelligence that was politically inconvenient... he also smothered reports on human rights abuses committed by the Honduran military... Congress was deliberately misled...

"In Honduras, negroponte was a secret-war proconsul who turned a blind eye to torture, rigged the reporting and participated in an end run around congress... Negroponte is the wrong man for this poorly designed job" ("Negroponte: Unfit to Lead." The Nation, Mar. 14, 2005: 4).

Colby Glass, MLIS