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Ancient/Classical History articles and links on many subjects
Ancient History Links (Palo Alto College)
Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec and Aztec
Aquae Urbis Romae, The Waters of the City of Rome
ARCHAEOLOGY page of links
Art of the First Cities surveys the flourishing of the world’s earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia and surrounding regions—stretching from the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean across Iran and Central Asia to the Indus Valley—during one of the most seminal and creative periods in history
Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
Diotima women and gender in the ancient world
Egypt, Ancient visually stunning
Egypt, Ancient internet links
Egypt--Mysteries of the Nile. "All this month, a team from the PBS program NOVA are in Egypt on their second attempt (the first was in 1995) to raise an obelisk using only materials and techniques that the ancient Egyptians might have used. At this site, users can follow the team's progress with dispatches from the field, learn about the history and physics of obelisks, and tour a modest but attractive collection of QTVR and standard images of temples, tombs, and other monuments. Additional features at the site include classroom resources, a map and timeline, and a collection of annotated links. (From the Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999.
EyeWitness relive history through the eyes and ears of those who were there; plus photo of the week, voices of the 20th Century, It Happened This Month
GREECE, ANCIENT page of links
GREEK page of links
Historic Events and Birthdays --you choose a date
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook vast amount of information on ancient cultures
Iran, Ancient and Persepolis
LATIN page of links
Macedonia, Historical Profile --book and color plates
The Megalithic Portal all about megaliths in the UK
MesoAmerican Ballgame: The Sport of Life and Death played from 1500 BC to 1519 AD - requires Flash 5+
Persepolis and ancient Iran
The Roman Empire in the First Century a PBS special report -- the empire, the people, the social order, life in those times
Rome, Ancient - Military Equipment
Rome, Ancient - The Romans BBC
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
The Suda Online Byzantine Lexicography
Tables of Contents of Journals on the Classics
Time Measurement, a History
Timelines Collection --Alternatime
Today in History
--what happened today.. "Our Daily Bleed"
Trajan's Column an in-depth study of the column and the practices of Roman stone carvers; includes huge database of images, cartoons of the carvings and much more
Wine, The Origins and Ancient History of

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