Korais, Adamantios (27 April 1748 – 6 April 1833) was a Greek humanist scholar credited with laying the foundations of Modern Greek literature and a major figure in the Greek Enlightenment. His activities paved the way for the Greek War of Independence and the emergence of a purified form of the Greek language, known as Katharevousa. Encyclopædia Britannica asserts that "his influence on the modern Greek language and culture has been compared to that of Dante on Italian and Martin Luther on German"

Philology "The term humanism is often used to describe the frame of mind characteristic of the Renaissance. This term is a nineteenth century coinage. At the time people who investigated Classical antiquity were called humanists, and the kindred sense humanity continues today in the phrase "the humanities." The study of Classical "humanity" was at the time often contrasted with a purely theological consideration of Christianity, which was called divinity. This contrast has led to the obnoxious modern expression "saecular humanism," which really means "atheistic materialism," something quite different from the humanism of the Renaissance."

Colby Glass, MLIS