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100 Movies Progressives Should Watch
Backbone Campaign a grassroots, progressive effort to embolden the Democratic Party
Bush for Prisoner For over 3 years Mr. Bush has unilaterally abrogated world treaties, deliberately violated the sovereignty of other nations and murdered thousands of their inhabitants, authorized the use of torture, misled America at every opportunity and avoided any accountability whatsoever for things he is clearly guilty of
Buzz Flash blog
Congressional Progressive Caucus
Counter Convention site for organizing against the Republican Convetion in NYC in 2004
Daily KOS blog
Democratic Underground
DLCC Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
Gadflyer a new progressive Internet magazine
Global Justice Ecology Project resisting neoliberal economic and environmental policies
Green Energy News
Grounds for Change "a Pacific Northwest organic coffee roaster specializing in socially responsible and environmentally sustainable coffee. We roast exclusively 100% Fair Trade Organic Coffee, that is grown in shaded conditions "
Just Coffee organic coffee from fair trade collectives in Central America -- "Through Fair Trade, consumers, activists, and coffee roasters are partnering with small coffee growers to ensure that growers, their families, and their communities receive a fair price for their produce. By cutting the coffee supply chain down to a minimum number of participants, and by each paticipant committing to deal with the others as equal partners, Fair Trade is positively changing the way that coffee business is done" [a photo-editorial about this group ran in the November 2004 issue of The Progressive
Liberal radio--Stephanie Miller Show.
Live Liberal left site
Moving Ideas "formerly the Electronic Policy Network... posts the best ideas and resources from leading progressive research and advocacy institutions"
MyDD, Direct Democracy blog
One People's Project offers button, "Ronald Reagan Rots in Hell"
Peace Action
Pesky Facts about Bush... sign up for email featuring news items about the Bush administration that you may have missed or forgotten
Press for Progress great bumper stickers
Progressive Review
Protest Records free downloads of music using comedy to dismantle political pomposity
The Right Is Wrong an umbrella movement to counteract the right
Rockridge Institute Reframing public debate
Saudi Politics will try and demystify Saudi politics and give the reader the ability to read it, so to speak, as she is able to read American politics
Smirking Chimp Anti-bush articles and material
Taco Bell Boycott "Taco Bell is owned by Yum Brands, the world's largest restaurant company (bigger than McDonald's), which pools the buying power of its five major chain brands (Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silver, and A&W Restaurants) to demand the lowest possible prices from their suppliers, exerting a powerful downward pressure on wages and working conditions in their suppliers' operations"
Talking Points Memo blog
Texas Democrats
Truth Out
Upside Down World
What you have to believe to be a Republican
World Changing blog

Nation's recommendations for who Progressives should support:

Alliance for Justice "has been on the front- lines of judicial fights since 1979 in an effort to promote a fair and independent judiciary"
Planned Parenthood will fight to the death to defend rollbacks on women's reproductive freedoms
NARAL: Pro Choice America "will fight to the death to defend rollbacks on women's reproductive freedoms"
People For the American Way "has been sounding the alarm on the unprecedented influence of the Christian right on the Bush White House"
Greenpeace fighting for the environment
Sierra Club fighting for the environment
Free Press Media Network "to generate policies that will produce a more competitive and public interest-oriented media system"

How To Respond to Conservatives

"Every time someone started screaming about "gay marriage" I'd ask if they want the federal government to tell them who they could marry...

"I also asked for definitions. Every time someone would holler "dirty liberal," I'd request their definition of "liberal.""...

"Your job is to activate for politics the nurturant, progressive values already there (perhaps only passively) in your interlocutors...

"Avoid a shouting match. Remember that the radical right requires a culture war, and shouting is the discourse form of that culture war. Civil discourse is the discourse form of nurturant morality. You win a victory when the discourse turns civil. They win when they get you to shout...

Do not let anyone refer to Bush and his crowd as conservatives or neo-conservatives. They aren't. They are radicals, or the radical right.

"Distinguish bewteen ordinary conservatives and nasty ideologues. Most conservatives are personally nice people" (114)...

"...ask who they care about the most, what responsibilities they feel they have to those they care about, and how they carry out those responsibilities. This should activate their nurturant models... Example: Real family values mean that your parents, as they age, don't have to sell their home or mortgage their future to pay for health care or the medications they need...

"...don't just negate the other person's claims; reframe... You cannot win just by stating the true facts and showing that they contradict your opponents claims. Frames trump facts. His frames will stay and the facts will bounce off. Always reframe...

"Once your frame is accepted into the discourse, everything you say is just common sense. Why? Because that's what common sense is: reasoning within a common-place, accepted frame.

"Never answer a question framed from your opponent's point of view. Always reframe the question to fit your values and your frames...

"Tell a story. Find stories where your frame is built into the story. Build up a stock of effective stories" (George Lakoff. Don't Think of an Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate: 116)

Corporations which contribute the bulk of their giving to Democratic causes:

Working Assets
YES Network
Barnes & Noble
Spring Industries
Dreamworks SKG
Estee Lauder
Mitchell Gold
Progressive Insurance
Gallo Winery
Torchmark Insurance
Hyatt Corp.
Westwood One
Time Warner
Walt Disney
News Corp.
Bed Bath & Beyond

Almost eveyone else gives the bulk of their contributions to the Republicans" (Ed. by Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer. "More Brand Names Behind the Bush Agenda." Hightower Lowdown, Feb., 2005: 3).

Congressional Progressive Caucus
"...Congressional Progressive Caucus... The CPC's strategy includes a rapid withdrawal from Iraq, universal healthcare coverage, public financing of political campaigns and a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This country needs such a thoroughgoing program to recover from the damage wrought by this imperial president" ("Empire vs. Republic." The Nation, Feb. 20, 2006: 3).

Colby Glass, MLIS