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Counter-Recruitement and Alternatives To the Military Program
Counter-Recruiter reporting the movement against military recruitment
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Swift Smart Veterans Pablo Paredes refusal to board the Iraq bound Bonhomme Richard; we have now learned that Department of Defense deems many anti-war rallies, such as the ones held in support of Pablo during his court martial, as "credible threats."
War Resisters League
Why Question the Military's JROTC Program?

"Bush's infamous No Child Left Behind law requires high schools, without telling parents, to release to military recruiters information on students as young as 16...

"Three groups--Working Assets, Mainstreet Moms, and ACORN--have created an easy-to-use web site for opting out. It's, and it helps you produce and send letters to both the Pentagon and your local high school. The letter to the Pentagon requires it to put any data it has about your kid into a "suppression" file, meaning that the data cannot be used and cannot go to recruiters. The letter to your school requires it to remove your kid's data from any list being released to recruiters" (Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer, eds. "The Hightower Lowdown." Nov. 2005.).

Colby Glass, MLIS