Classic SciFi Movies

Michael's Movie Mayhem LONG alphabetized list of sci-fi classics from the 50's and 60's - links contain pictures and plots; can buy here LONG list in alphabetical order, also searchable by category, year, and director; not as complete as Michael's; includes A movies up through the 1990s; can't buy here
Amazon Classic Sci-Fi many good selections, most recent

"Every generation gets the movie monster it deserves...

"...Spielberg. His War Of the Worlds... this hawkish moment demands spectacles of righteous revenge, and he has complied bymaking a very Republican horror film.

"We are innocent, they are evil--that's the moral of this movie" (Richard Goldstein. "The Naked & the Undead." The Nation, Sep. 5, 2005: 8-10).

Colby Glass, MLIS