Osama bin Laden

"In the first days after the terror attacks... Saudi Arabia supervised the urgent evacuation of 24 members of Osama bin Laden's extended family from the United States...

"..even though fifteen of the nineteen hijackers had been Saudi citizens -- the relatives of the number one suspect in the terror attacks were allowed not only to just up and leave the country, but they were assisted by our own authorities!" (Michael Moore. Dude, Where's My Country?. NY: Warner, 2003: 4).

"..not only has the family NOT cut ties to Osama, but they have continued to fund him..." (9).

"..the bin Ladens have had business relations with [the Bush] family.. for the past 25 years" (6).

Bush Sr. "learned that whenever the dirty work needed to be done, the United States could always turn to Saudi Arabia. When White House aide Oliver North needed money to buy arms for Iran in the Iran-Contra Affair, it was the Saudis who provided the $30 million in secret cash...

"..the Saudi ambassador is the only diplomat in Washintong who receives his own personal State Department security detail, compliments of the U.S. taxpayers...

"Prince Bandar donated $1 million to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Texas" (12).

"Bakar's firm [the Bushes' lawyer] would later represent the Saudi royals in the lawsuits against them by the families of the September 11 victims...

"A major chunk of the American economy is built on Saudi money. They have a trillion dollars invested in our stock market and another trillion dollars sitting in our banks" (13).

"Why have [Bush] and [his] father chosen to align [themselves] with a country that is considered by most human rights groups to be among the worst and most brutal dictatorships in the world?" (14).

"Who attacked the United States on September 11 -- a guy on dialysis from a cave in Afghanistan, or [Bush's] friends, Saudi Arabia?" (15).

"If fifteen of the nineteen hijackers had been North Korean, and they killed 3,000 people, do you think the headline the next day might read, "NORTH KOREA ATTACKS UNITED STATES"?

"Yet, when it comes to September 11, have you ever seen the headline... "SAUDI ARABIA ATTACKED THE UNITED STATES"?

"..so the question must--must--be asked: WHY NOT? Why, when Congress releases its own investigation into September 11, you, Mr. Bush, censor out twenty-eight pages that deal with the Saudi's role in the attack?" (17).

"..traveling by air was forbidden in the days following the attack" (19).

"Yet, members of the bin Laden family were allowed to fly in private jets, crisscrossing America as they prepared to leave the country... twenty-four members of the bin Laden family... were all flown to Paris, out of the reach of any U.S. officials... the FBI was "furious" that they were not allowed to keep the bin Ladens in the country to conduct a real investigation... none of the normal procedures were followed" (Michael Moore. Dude, Where's My Country?. NY: Warner, 2003: 20).

Colby Glass, MLIS