Progressives are liberals, but much more so. They are considered far left, edging into the territory of socialists.

"The eight-hour day; the minimum wage; the conservation of natural resources and the protection of our air, water, and land; women's rights and civil rights; free trade unions; Social Security; a civil service based on merit -- all these were launched as citizen's movements and won the endorsement of the political class only after long struggles and in the face of bitter opposition and sneering attacks" (Bill Moyers. "This is Your Story. Pass It On." Texas Observer, 8/13/04: 4-9, 38).

"According to this year's World Economic Forum survey of 101 countries, three of the five most "competitive" are Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Social Democracies raise living standards. And often they tend to be more competitive. It's a shame that in America even some on the left can't seem to grasp this" (Letters. The Nation, Jan. 10/17, 2005: 2).

Progressive Values

"How do progressive values differ from traditional American values?

"Progressive values ARE traditional American values.

"We are proud of the victories for equality and against hierarchy: the emnancipation of the slaves, women's suffrage, the union movement, the integration of the armed forces, the civil rights movement, the woman's movement, the environmental movement, and the gay rights movement.

"We are proud of FDR's conception of government "for the people" and his rally for hope against fear.

"We are proud of the Marshall Plan, which helped to erase the notion of "enemies."

"We are proud of John Kennedy's call to public service, of Martin Luther King's insistence on nonviolence in the face of brutality, of Cesar Chavez's ability to bring pride and organization to the worst treated of workers.

"Progressive thought is as American as apple pie. Progressives want political equality, good public schools, healthy children, care for the aged, police protection, family farms, air you can breathe, water you can drink, fish in our streams, forests you can hike in, sognbirds and frogs, livable cities, ethical businesses, journalists who tell the truth, music and dance, poetry and art, and jobs that pay a living wage to everyone who works" (George Lakoff. Don't Think of an Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate: 110).

A Summary of Philosophies and Terminology

The author sums up the opposite philosophies by contrasting their terminology in the following way (George Lakoff. Don't Think of an Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate: 94):
Stronger America STrong Defense
Broad Prosperity Free Markets
Better Future Lower Taxes
Effective Government Smaller Government
Mutual Responsibility Family Values

"...professionals with graduate degrees, a group that increasingly forms a bedrock Democratic constituency" (Christopher Hayes. "Corruption--A Proven Winner." The Nation, May 2, 2005: 18). [This further substantiates my view that better educated and smarter people tend to be liberal -Colby]

Colby Glass, MLIS