Reproductive Rights
Quotes from an article on Margaret Sanger in The Nation, July 21/28, 2003, p. 24
Margaret Sanger "vowed to abandon palliative work, devoting herself instead to single-minded pursuit of sexual and reproductive freedom for women.

"Women would achieve personal freedom by experiencing their sexuality free of consequence, just as men have always done, Sanger predicted. But in taking control of the forces of reproduction, they would also lower birthrates, alter the balance of supply and demand for labor, reduce poverty and thereby achieve the aspiration of workers without the social upheaval of class warfare... the refusal of women to bear children indiscriminately would alter the course of history...

" was Sanger who first recognized the far-reaching consequences of bringing the issue of reproductive freedom out in the open and claiming it as a woman's right...

"...Sanger built what became the modern family-planning movement.."

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