School of the Americas (SOA)

SOA Watch

"This year, on November 20-21, more than 15,000 people converged on the southwest Georgia town of Columbus to say "no" to the U.S. Army's Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation--formerly the School of the Americas--based at Ft. Benning... where thousands of Latin AMerican soldiers have been trained, many of whom were later charged with human rights violations and murders back in their native countries" ("Activist News." Nonviolent Activist, Winter 2005: 18).

economics, bush, socialsecurity, propaganda, framing... "[Bush's] ownership society further shifts risk from corporations and the government to individuals--promoted as enhancing personal choice...

"The ownership society gambit is part of the Republicans' class warfare... As an article in National Review, reprinted in the Republicans' Social Security playbook, argues, "Participation in capital markets changes people's political attitudes and behavior"... The hope is that every private-account holder will see trial lawyers, government regulation, corporate taxation and union drives as a threat to his or her retirement security...

"The trend is clear: Americans are discouraged from thinking of themselves as workers or citizens in control of their work lives and their own society; they are encouraged to regard themselves as consumers, taxpayers and, now, owners"("'Ownership' Swindle." The Nation, April 4, 2005: 5-8).

Latin America shuns Fort Benning

"Argentina and Uruguay are to stop sending cadets to a military academy in the US that has been accused of training soldiers in illegal interrogation techniques. They join Venezuela, whose relations with Fort Benning ended in 2004, after many of the school's graduates went on to become notorious for their brutality in Latin America's "dirty wars"" ("Latin America shun Fort Benning." Guardian Weekly, April 14, 2006: 1).

Colby Glass, MLIS