High and Mighty: The Dangerous Rise of the SUV by Keith Bradsher
Hummerdingers Sierra Club PR against SUVs

"Pulling into a parking space at the funeral home, I was amazed to find myself next to a Hummer. Who needs to drive a Hummer in a town? As I passed two other Hummers and hundreds of SUVs later (does anyone drive regular cars in America anymore?), I realized that all the big military-type vehicles on the road make it look as if America is at war. But at war with whom?" (Elizabeth Scanlon Thomas. "A Different America." Published on Tuesday, August 10, 2004 by the Baltimore Sun).

"...self-regarding urban and suburban consumers who care not a whit that by driving such menacing and wasteful machines they are committing a horrendously antisocial act" (from Atlantic Monthly).

"For the truly self-centered person who cares nothing about hurting other people in crashes, obscuring other drivers' views of the road, making smog worse and contributing to global warming... such drivers need to be aware that they are not improving their own safety, and must endure the aggravation of driving a vehicle that is harder to drive and harder to park than a car" (Keith Bradsher. High and Mighty: The Dangerous Rise of the SUV, p. 449).

"The Humm-Vee has the worst safety record of any American-made car" (, posted April 10, 2005).

"[GM] led a successful effort to destroy the streetcar system in America's cities in order to force people to buy cars, rather than take public transportation. GM later spent decades battling efforts to reduce tailpipe pollution emissions that caused public health problems throughout the nation.

"Little has changed. GM today remains the industry leader in opposing government efforts to limit heat-trapping gases wafting from its tailpipes. The company has succeeded not only in sabotaging Congressional efforts to significantly improve fuel economy, but it has also led an industry suit to block California from trying to reduce motor vehicle greenhouse gases.

"GM has taken that position in order to keep promoting its gas-hogging SUVs" (Frank O'Donnell. "What's Good for GM?" Populist Progressive, May 1, 2005: 8).

Colby Glass, MLIS